Epic Church is committed to the objective of making disciples who make disciples. Read on below for more information about our partnerships abroad. Due to the sensitive nature, we are unable to post certain details and photos.

NEPAL - R. Family

• There are over 27 million slaves in the world, and half of these are children.

• 1500 girls are intercepted and saved in Nepal each year.

• The R. Family is working with a school to help children rescued from sex trafficking, while also supporting a local church.

At Epic, we see the local church as the hope of the world that Jesus uses to truly bring change to a community. We see this not only as a goal, but as a responsibility.


• Christianity makes up approx. 1% of the Thailand population.

• 95% of the population identifies as Buddhist.

• The F. Family is focusing on relationship building, church planting and training of missionaries who are being sent to different areas within Asia.

These partnerships around the world are focused on planting churches and developing disciples who make disciples. Additionally, at Epic we are strongly committed to making a difference in our local community; therefore we are involved with several organizations and reach out in multiple ways throughout the year.



• On April 16, 2016, a severe earthquake (7.8 magnitude) hit and 663 people lost their lives.

• In the island of Muisne 803 homes were destroyed and 90% of the population had to evacuate.

• Epic church continues to provide support as the community rebuilds and recovers.


• Located in the Highlands of Ecuador with 13,000 inhabitants. The main occupation is farming.

• 85% of the homes don’t have full access to basic services (water, electricity).

• Epic is supporting a Compassion Project to reach up to 400 children!

• If you would like to sponsor a child from Chillanes, go to and use the search code EC0488.


• Africa population: 1.2 billion people.

• 54 countries in Africa - each with their own cultures and beliefs.

• The O. Family is focusing on church planting and making disciples.

Epic partners through prayer, financial support, equipping, faithfully engaging and encouraging our partnerships throughout the year, and sending short-term teams. 


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