Director of Children's Ministry

Sabrina Engbrecht serves as Director of Epic Church’s Children's Ministry together with her husband, Aaron. Sabrina and Aaron view Student Ministry as an opportunity to build relationships with students and guide them in the life transformation of knowing Jesus personally.

Her goal as Director of Student Ministry is to equip and empower students and volunteers to use their God-given gifts. This flows directly out of Epic’s mission statement – Living In + Living Out God’s Love.

She first came to Epic in 2010 on an invitation from her sister, Karleen, who is now Epic’s Executive Pastor. Sabrina became plugged in right away, and it truly has become home for her.

Sabrina loves getting to know the stories of others. She believes that each individual has areas of gifting, and she enjoys helping others see how their individual gifts can join in with others in the pursuit of a larger mission. At Epic, that mission is tangibly practiced by taking action and not leaving it just at words alone.

Sabrina was born and raised overseas as her parents were missionaries in South American. She has been married to Aaron for 3 years, and in the spring of 2018, their son Corban was born. They live in Bremen, Indiana. Sabrina has experience with students through her work as a bilingual educator in the public school system for five years. She now works as a freelance Spanish translator.

If you are interested in getting involved in Student Ministry, or you simply would like more information, connect with Sabrina at our next gathering!